“Simple pleasures are the last refuge of the complex” -Oscar Wilde

Simple pleasures; swim at the beach,morning surf, ride to work, move, exercise.

All before work. Not done because I have to- but because I want too.


The Enemy of Health is….. Sugar?

Excellent read, certainly thought provoking and well worth considering. Could it be that sugar rather than fat in our diet is responsible for many of the ‘lifestyle diseases’ prevalent in modern society?

Incidental Fitness

Surprising how many people think regular exercise is only something for ‘athletes’. Im trying to increase my fitness ( and drop weight), and as a 45 year old with commitments including work and family am finding riding to work ( about 45 mins each way) helps fit in some exercise; but more importantly gets me to work feeling better about myself, more relaxed and generally healthier.

Obviously there are many benefits of looking for opportunities to exercise, but it’s surprising how many people think it’s ‘too much’. This week my wife’s car wouldn’t start, no worries – my car was there as I had ridden to work. However my surprise to hear her friends and colleagues reaction when she explained how she managed to have my car available to her! The general populations attitude towards activity, exercise or physical effort probably goes a ling way to explain the increase in “lifestyle diseases” related to reduced fitness and increased body fat. So do yourself, your health and your family a favour and look doe opportunities for exercise in your daily routine. Start small, build up- but above all start!