How effective is that coloured stretchy tape?


It’s far from unusual given the current plethora of televised sport (World Cup Football, NRL, AFL, Tennis) to see brightly coloured stretchable tape adorning athletes bodies in a variety of intricate patterns. Indeed this type of tape has proved very popular since its appearance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As a Sports Physiotherapist, I have always wondered about the effectiveness of such tape. After all, the stretchable tape seems to really only have contact with the athletes skin which isn’t exactly rigidly adhered to the underlying structures it’s meant to influence.

A recent 2013 European Journal of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine. article concluded that “although the tape has been shown to be effective in aiding short-term pain, there is no firm evidence-based conclusion of the effectiveness of this application on the majority of movement disorders within a wide range of pathologic disabilities. More research is clearly needed.” A further March 2014 Systematic Review article in the Journal of Physiotherapy concluded that the most up to date evidence does not support the use of this intervention in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
Clearly food for thought.
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Tendonitis or Tendinosis? Baby out with the Bathwater?

I’m always happy to share links and articles written by “thinking” clinicians who are happy to constantly evaluate “the whats and whys” of sports medicine. Very happy to run across this excellent blog article by Adam Rufa evaluating where we are at in our understanding of tendon pain. Nice reading, thoroughly recommended with a link to the relevant journal article. Thanks for sharing Adam.


Understanding Pain- Essential Education

painpain site 2There is no doubt that one of the greatest challenges for the clinician working in the field of musculoskeletal medicine is explaining to a patient the concept of chronic or persistent pain. I daily review investigations and findings which do not adequately explain many patients pain symptoms, only to be asked “if nothing’s broken, why do I have pain?” Even more difficult is the patient that is fixated on surgery as the answer for a painful condition where there is no evidence (beyond the presence of pain)for surgical intervention.
It is now well established that treatment approaches utilising a bio-psycho-social approach are far more successful, and do require an active education component on the nature of pain.

The Hunter Integrated Pain Service has produced a wonderful video resource explaining the nature of pain – well worth the time for the clinician and patient reviewing and planning management going forward. Equally useful is the ACI Pain Management Network education video.
For those who love written resources to assist patients and younger professionals, “Explain Pain” by NOI is in its 10th anniversary remains one of my all time favourites.

Australian Baseball- Major League History

752676-b6bfe078-b0ef-11e3-9d7e-f018f46e0213Its taken me a little while to sit back, reflect and bring words to life regarding my experience during the historical events surrounding the Australian Baseball Team in Sydney, March 2014. Without doubt, an absolute highlight of my professional career was my involvement as part of the Australian team playing warm up games against the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks prior to the 2014 MLB Season Launch in Sydney this March. The feelings and emotions evoked as we competed (close 4-2 loss to The Dodgers and the amazing 5-0 win against the Diamondbacks) at the Sydney Cricket Ground in our own country, in front of our home fans, our change rooms the historical Australian Cricket Team dressing room, was simply, at times, overwhelming. The closest I can come to compare is our run at The Athens 2004 Olympics (another event I was privileged to be part of), winning the silver medal. Standing on the SCG, reflecting on the enormity of an Australian Team competing with, and defeating some of the most resource rich teams in our sport, I couldn’t help think how far my journey in the sport as a physiotherapist has taken me. Commencing in 1991 with the Gold Coast Dolphins (Part of the “old” ABL), I have been very privileged, through work with national league teams, representative, MLBAAP Australian Academy and Australian National teams to work with not only the “best of the best”, but also many amazing people who have made my journey richer for their contribution. An amazing compilation video of Australian’s who have achieved success at the Major League Level never fails to bring a tightness to my chest, and the proud feeling that I have been involved with almost all (in some capacity) except 2 of the athletes. Watch it- I dare you not to be just a little bit proud of what Australians have achieved in baseball!

The Throwing Athlete


I was very fortunate to co-present the pre-conference throwing athlete workshop with internationally acclaimed Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, Mr Rod Whiteley, at the Australian Physiotherapy Association “New Moves” National Conference in Melbourne during October 2013.
For those who are interested in understanding the Throwing Athlete, and didn’t manage to catch our workshop here is a link to Rod’s talk at the 2nd Aspetar Current Concepts Conference dedicated to Physiotherapy and Throwing Elbow Injury in 2011


The Sporting Shoulder- Brisbane Course April 2011

Bruce Rawson presents in conjunction with Mr Craig Allingham a new course on the sporting shoulder.
For full details please click on the link below

The Sporting Shoulder- Brisbane Course

New Brisbane Centre: Clem Jones Centre Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The Clem Jones Centre Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic is up and running. Click on the link to check out the staff, services and facilities.

Strength and Conditioning Course for Physio’s

Brisbane, Australia Clinical Strength and Conditioning Workshop for Physiotherapists to be held August 7, 2010 at The Clem Jones Centre

Strength in Rehab Flyer Aug 2010