Do Power Balance Bands Increase Exercise Prowess?

The latest craze amongst elite sports stars in Australia is the “Power Balance Band”. According to the website,, Power Balance Bands performance technology “uses holograms embedded with frequencies that react positively with your body’s natural energy field to improve balance, core strength and flexibility”.

So are these claims credible? Have they been researched, and published in peer reviewed sports science journals? Indeed if one is to read the news media (AdelaideNow) , then one may be skeptical.

If one visits the Power Balance website, evidence seems to be given in the form of testimonials. In scientific terms, this is very low level evidence and of poor reliability. While not being able to discount the “testimonial” claims of improved balance, core strength and flexibility ( one only has to read research on the power of the placebo to realise many will claim a benefit from any intervention) I for one am skeptical until I can read published research- in particular a double -blind study – to assess the reliability of the manufacturers claims. A search of PubMed on 5.4.10 did not reveal any scientific studies on the Power balance bands.

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